Tenants are like a box of chocolates…


Unfortunately, many landlords do not perform the easiest part of the landlording process: properly screening tenants. They take in subpar tenants whom put undue strain on the property while rent collections suffer. Choosing tenants is a landlord’s most important (and most risky) decision.

At Bev Roberts Rentals, we have a thorough and legal application process. We search for tenants who meet the landlord’s criteria, and not just the financially responsible one. Not every red flag is a deal breaker, but we have the experience to know which ones are. Want to learn more? Give us a call at (919) 306-5665.

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We are thankful for our landlords, tenants, and partnered realtors. Referrals are the highest honor we receive from our customers!
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Six tips to help you get the right location for your property investment

exterior-houseLocation, location, location. Three small words that can transform your property investment decision, says Belvoir.

Belvoir Aberdeen’s advice for helping to decide the best location for a property investment includes:

1. Only decide on where you want to invest after thorough research.

2. Do not make a decision based on the look of the property alone. Just because it appeals to you, it will not necessarily be a good rental investment.

3. Providing tenants with a quality, well-maintained property for them to call home carries responsibilities. Only work with a local agent that you have checked out, trust and who has gained all the relevant professional industry accreditations.

4. Remember that big is not always best. A one or two-bedroom unfurnished apartment can often yield a better return than larger, four-bedroom furnished houses. It’s all down to location and the type of tenant you are targeting.

5. Overly high “yields” – or returns on an investment – can sometimes indicate hidden issues and may not necessarily lead to a good investment.

6. Beware of “buying cheap and paying dear”. If a property is located in a low-quality area it can increasingly become run down – attracting the wrong type of tenant and achieving poor long-term capital growth.

Source: pressandjournal.co.uk