Increasing the Rent Amount on a Problem Tenant

AttorneyThe Landlord Protection Agency® presents John Reno, Esq., a highly experienced Landlord – Tenant attorney based on Long Island, NY.

Q: Dear Mr. Reno:
Rental increases. Is there a max I can increase my rent? Tenants have become a problem, and I have been instructed to go up on the rent in hopes that they move out. But just in case they don’t move out, I want to be sure I’m getting enough rent to cover their chronic complaining of nothing, and the constant of breaking of items they want new. Tenants are month to month. The option I was originally pursuing, was to give them a 30 day notice of termination of rental agreement, but was told it’s easier to just go up on the rent. Then It was noted that before I can go up on the rent, I still have to terminate the current rental agreement, then inform them that the rent will be increasing. I want to go up 200.00, but do not want it to be over any max amount, if one does exist for the state of RI. Your advise is greatly appreciated. Claire, Rhode Island

A: So prior to 12/1, you send a Notice certified mail that the rent is going up on 1/1/16 and a statement that if the tenants are not prepared to pay the increases, they should consider this a Notice to Vacate and vacate by that date or legal proceedings to retake possession will be brought. Whoever told you this is “easier” than just giving a 30 day notice, I disagree. This approach can be done, but you’re complicating this, so please dot all your i’s.