These two North Carolina cities rank among top 10 in the world for quality of life


Two North Carolina cities offer some of the best quality-of-life amenities in the world, new rankings show.

Charlotte and Raleigh ranked among the top 10 in a study of factors that contribute to residents’ happiness, according to a 2020 index from the user-contributed database website Numbeo.

Raleigh snagged the higher spots, landing at No. 3 globally and No. 1 nationally, results show. The Queen City wasn’t too far behind, ranking eighth in the world and fourth in the United States.

So what led North Carolina’s cities to earn international acclaim?

Raleigh and Charlotte had high scores for climate, a category that gives weight to places with “moderate temperatures and low humidity and no other major weather condition which is usually not preferred by most people,” according to Numbeo.

The Tar Heel State’s biggest cities also got favorable ratings for purchasing power and the ability to afford housing based on family incomes, the results show.

The findings come after three Raleigh suburbs ranked among the best small cities in the United States, The


News & Observer reported in October. More recently, a real estate blog named the region one of the most attractive for millennials.

Numbeo says it came up with its recent rankings for 232 cities after using formulas to evaluate data related to prices, pollution, health care, traffic and safety.

In the United States, other cities that made it into the top 10 list were Madison, Wisconsin; Columbus, Ohio; and Austin, Texas, findings show.

Worldwide, the top quality-of-life ranking went to Canberra, Australia. The capital city of nearly 400,000 people is about 400 miles northeast of Melbourne.

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