Ask the Attorney: Tenant Not Paying Utilities

ask-the-attorneyThe Landlord Protection Agency®presents John Reno, Esq.,a highly experienced Landlord – Tenant attorney based on Long Island, NY.

Q:  Dear Mr. Reno:

I have some one renting my house on a 30day lease and they are responsible for the electric bill but did not pay it. The utility co said they were going to cut it off. What do I do ?

I live in Indiana. Thank you

Chris J., IN

A:  So let’em cut it off. What’s the problem? (Most times, the tenants will get the money & pay it, rather than have no electricity- No TV? No Internet? God forbid! They’ll stop paying rent before they let the U-tube go off.) Of course, if you face the possibility of pipes freezing and serious damage to the home due to cold conditions, then you might have to take matters into your own hands and pay the bill yourself. The problem with that, is you may never get the tenant to pay and the tenant will stay warm and comfortable throughout your entire eviction process!!! Good luck! P.S.: If you do pay the bill, and it’s in the tenant’s name, at least keep it in the tenant’s name!


Legal Disclaimer
The Landlord Protection Agency’s “Ask the Attorney” column is for informational purposes only. The questions answered by Mr. Reno on this site do not constitute an attorney – client relationship and are not to be considered legal advice. Not all questions will be answered and some may appear in the LPA Q&A Forum.
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