College rental messes often caused by renters not understanding rental agreement

26841751_sAfter 31 years in the business, real estate broker Todd Bohn said he can tell how someone was raised by how messy they leave one of his rental units.

“I don’t care if you’re from the U.S. or you’re from another country, (renters) all do the same thing depending on how responsible they are,” said Bohn. “The irresponsible ones tear up the place.”

With Idaho State University on summer break, many college student apartment leases are coming to an end. While most leave the apartment the way they moved in, clean, some landlords have to call in backup to clean the messes left behind.

Bohn has seen his fair share of messes. He said one time a white kitchen stove was completely back when his tenants moved out. Another time he said a white wall turned orange because of the food the tenant cooked.

In his experience, Bohn said a lot of the serious messes stem from the renters not completely understanding their role as a tenant or even the lease.

“They just don’t understand how contract law works. They don’t understand what’s expected of them by the landlord or even their roommates,” he said.

He also feels the tenants know this could have repercussions down the line, since landlords often report these things and evictions to the credit bureau.

“That’s going to follow them for years and years,” Bohn said. “It could affect their job, it could affect being able to purchase homes or cars.”

The biggest advice Bohn has for college or new renters is to go over the entire lease and ask questions if needed.

College renters aren’t the worst he’s dealt with, he said he’s evicted a family with good references in the past.


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