Clever idea reminds you to replace furnace filters.

Two former NCSU students recently created a new online start up called Easy Filter.  From their website, home owners and tenants can subscribe to the service which mails furnace filters to your door.  Filter size, quality, and frequency of delivery can be selected within the website.  Dirty filters can cause several problems for both tenants and landlords including increased energy bill expenses, lack of properly filtrated breathable air, and greater likely hood of equipment failure due to the increasing draw required from the system.  Tenant and landlord filter replacement responsibility can be sometimes confusing ultimately allowing the filter replacement to be neglected.  Bev Roberts Rentals sends tenants quarterly reminders to replace these filters in an effort to bypass these issues as well.  The ultimate goal is to make sure filters get replaced for everyone’s sake through different methods of reminders.  Proper and timely filter replacement is something everyone can benefit from.


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